Catalyst Enterprises BC

Catalyst Enterprises BC was founded by Tracey Young, a Registered Social Worker (RSW), counsellor, coach and consultant in Vancouver, B.C. to provide people with help and support services that assist clients in resolving personal, family, legal, workplace and other issues.

Tracey has over three decades of experience working in community, institutional and hospital settings in the private, public
and non-profit sectors, in unionized and non-unionized environments.

                         Tracey has also been involved in executive board leadership, advisory boards and committees, systemic advocacy and leadership activities in                                       various capacities with different organizations.


Tracey's professional experience as a counsellor, social worker, advocate, and consultant includes:


  • mental health, psychiatric, medical and hospital social work and case management in various professional settings

  • providing counselling and support to adults, couples, families, seniors and youth

  • child protection work, advocacy, consulting and counselling services for those dealing with the child welfare and family law systems

  • social work consulting and counselling services in family law cases that involve spousal and intimate partner violence (IPV), high conflict family violence cases, child and elder abuse

  • workplace occupational health and safety support, advocacy, investigations and professional practice and organizational compliance audits and review

  • forensic social work consulting, investigations and analyst work in child protection, family, criminal and civil litigation cases

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